Spain was the last country we visited in our backpacking trip. We were first in Barcelona and then in Madrid.

I think Barcelona is an amazing city, it is true when they say it’s a city for the young. It has a lot of night life and places to go. I also really liked all the Gaudí designed places; for me it was really cool how culture and art mixed with modern life.

In an unfortunate way, Madrid, as our last city, was the one we experienced the least. By this time, after almost a month of traveling, we were so beaten up. We could barely manage to visit any of the touristic places and actually enjoy them. We were so absolutely tired that I don’t even remember clearly what we did there. I remember liking it, and thinking that Spain had so much museums and cultural places, but we didn’t get to visit them. I would have loved to spend a little more time there to be able to actually get to know this cities.

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