Vienna is by far one of my favourite cities in Europe. Just walking in its streets you can notice how peaceful and beautiful it is. It has amazing buildings and it gave me an impression of being such a clean, educated place. The first time I went there I just had a chance to visit the Belvedere castle, and I was in love with it, I couldn’t believe any other place could be as beautiful, until I arrived the second time and had enough time to visit Schönbrunn. The european “schlosses” are definitely some of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever seen. They still transmit a grandeur vibe and pure beauty that I can never get enough of. I could stay in either of those castles, specially in their gardens, forever.

Vienna is definitely one of the cities I would love to get a chance to live in for a while, so I could get to enjoy all of its amazing places for a longer amount of time.

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