Czech Republic


 🇨🇿 Prague, in Czech Republic was one of the hardest cities to arrive to. It was the only country in which we had absolutely no relation or knowledge of the language, the only one without euro currency and the one which none of us had ever visited before. We were received in the train station by bad mannered and kind of aggressive people so we were not exactly excited about our arrival. We walked with all our bags a long and tiering way to our hostal and from there everything got easier and better. The hostal host, was a very nice and friendly woman, she explained everything about the city, the touristic spots and the most important: were we could find and get money from an ATM.

In Prague were able to visit the main landmarks, the biggest club in all of Europe (Karlovy Lazne), try absynth, and manage to walk around the city with barely a few hours of sleep. We discovered people weren’t rude at all, we just had a bad first impression, and that Prague is a beautiful city, full of history and that the few days we spent there were definitely not enough to get to know all it has to offer.

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