Köln, Hamburg, Hannover & Berlin are the four german cities I’ve visited. More than a tourist I feel I experienced them as a local. Germany welcomed me and my friends better than any other country we visited. Starting with Hamburg, where my german “sister” lives, we had heard amazing things about that city, it’s boats, the architecture, its overall importance but what I loved most about it, was the company, the german food, going to the supermarket in the mornings, having a “german” traditional home to get back to.

A similar thing happened in Hanover, we didn’t know much about that city, we stopped there cause we had a friend who lived there who was able to show us around, but what we loved the most was spending time with her family, eating traditional food and sharing everything we had experienced throughout our travel with her parents and her brother.

We arrived in Germany by train after having barely slept at a train station in Amsterdam. We were beaten because it was the middle of our trip so spending relaxed, family days was the best thing that could have happened to us. The german families who we got to spend time with were the most welcoming, loving, and caring people. Germans don’t have the best reputation for being warm or friendly, but what we experienced was the total oposite. For us they were the best, in the end we really didn’t want to leave any of them, they genuinely cared about us enough to make us feel like home.

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