“Where happiness finds you.” Fiji is an island of contrast. I went there almost as a casualty. It happened to be one of the cheapest destinations while I was living in Australia, we were on vacation break so a couple of friends and me decided to visit this promising place. It happened to be everything we thought it would; our hotel was beautiful, relaxing, and even with our discount price it was luxurious.

Since the moment we arrived at the Nadi international airport we were greeted by a thousand Bula! shouts along with smiles and music from all the locals. This kept going until we arrived at the hotel and almost every morning when we met any of the hotel staff. We were absolutely delighted by the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

Even with all the beauty and all the luxuries that we were surrounded by in the hotel zone we still got to know a little bit of the “regular” or the non touristic places. Here we noticed that life for the Fijians is everything but relaxing and expensive. They are very humble and they work hard to make tourist feel welcome at all times but mostly because they depend almost completely of tourism. The average life is somewhat poor, with streets and city view contrasting with the expensive hotels.

Still, everyone there has the most welcoming and warm heart. Everyone always greeted us with a smile and they have the most positive attitude towards life. We were absolutely delighted by everything in our vacation. In the end we really didn’t want to leave this beautiful and relaxing place.🌴☀️🌏

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