What fills the eye, fills the heart


Recently I decided to write a blog post to enter a contest to have a chance to win a volunteering scholarship, the topic was “Why I’m inspired to travel” and although I didn’t win, it actually worked perfectly as an introduction for this page. So here it goes:

Why I’m inspired to travel…

As a self-proclaimed artist lover I’ve always considered myself lucky because throughout my life I’ve been able to find beauty and inspiration in different kinds of things, activities and people. Of course, several times I’ve also found myself in a complete lack of motivation. I’ve felt lost and I’ve been confused. Nevertheless, the only consistent thing I have never lacked inspiration for, since the first time I experienced it, is traveling.

I’m inspired to travel because it brings out the best of me. It makes me fearless, free, adventurous, and carefree. It brings me back to the things I love. When I travel I’m motivated to write, to read, to take pictures and to paint. I just take my time to enjoy the things that I actually love to do and I feel so at peace.

I’m inspired to travel because it challenges me. It tests me into becoming my own leader, my own tour guide; it makes me absolutely responsible for myself, for what I do, where I go, what I eat, how I behave, who I talk to. Traveling shapes me and forces me to grow, to socialize, to experience and to live.

I’m inspired to travel because it excites me. It brings me back to life. Everything about a new journey is fresh and thrilling. From the moment I start planning, to the moment I actually buy my tickets and have to start packing and get that nervous feeling in my gut… that’s priceless for me. I love waking up with the excitement to catch a plane into the unknown, the unfamiliar. I love having to investigate about new countries and their customs, their touristic spots or even just their weather. Having to create a new route, deciding exactly which cities to visit and for how long with the complete awareness that nothing ever goes exactly according to plan, but still being totally ok with it.

I’m inspired to travel because it educates me. It teaches me to take care of myself; it shows me that while not everyone is worthy of my trust I am never alone, not even in the most remote country in the planet. It teaches me to be prepared, to find answers and to be independent. It demonstrates just the kind of person I am, and the kind of person I want to be.

I’m inspired to travel because the world is beautiful. If nothing else impresses you then I assure you the beauty of the world will. I’ve thought so many times while I’ve been abroad of just how wise, incredible and peaceful nature can be. Traveling brings me closer to the earth itself, to mother nature; it never fails to leave me in awe of just how astonishing the universe we live in is.

I’m inspired to travel because I discover that people from across the world have more in common with me than my next-door neighbor. That geographical location and like-mindedness are not correlated in any way. I’ve met people half across the planet that have happened to be my soul mates, who still are and who I now cannot imagine my life without.

I’m inspired to travel because it turns my world upside down. It brings everything into perspective or it creates a new one. It drives me away from my problems by bursting my bubble and expanding it miles and miles away. My mindset changes, my beliefs change and my whole lifestyle is renewed.

I’m inspired to travel because it makes me appreciate all the things I have back home. I’m lucky to live in a country that I believe is one of the most beautiful ones. Every time I leave I value it even more, even if it actually is far from perfect. This works on a big and a small scale. I appreciate my family, my friends, my house, my room, and my comfort. Traveling brings everything into a different perception.

I’m inspired to travel because it makes me a world citizen. The world stops being so big and scary because I actually stop having just one home. I find myself loving and caring so much for other people and places that are so far away but still so close to my heart, I might as well have been a local in 5 or more different countries. This feeling just keeps multiplying the more I travel.

I’m inspired to travel because traveling itself inspires me. New people, places, food, landscapes, languages, traditions… There is absolutely nothing that can inspire me more to keep creating, sharing and living than experiencing the new. When I travel its as if I’m starting a new life, I am creating a new me with all of the wonderful and challenging things that this implies.

I’m inspired to travel because traveling has become my life, my absolute favourite hobby. I find that I cannot stay now in the same place for more than a year without getting this urge to leave, to explore and to share. I wouldn’t say anymore that I’m inspired to travel; I’m addicted to it.